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How To Feel Body Confident In The Winter

How To Feel Body Confident In The Winter

IDK about you, but when winter rolls around, I tend to feel kind of ~meh~ about my body. Typically, I gain a few extra pounds (which is totally normal!) and I’m bundling up in clothing that covers every inch of me. Plus, all of my social meetups are indoors. (And usually centered around eating at restaurants and drinking!) 

Basically, as I’ve mentioned in past newsletters, after the holidays and when winter takes hold, I just don’t feel my best—especially when it comes to my body confidence! That said, I know how important feeling good in my body is to my overall wellbeing, so I always try to take steps to combat those icky moods. 

And because I know I’m not alone, I’m sharing my top 4 tried-and-true favorite hacks here. Then we can all find body confidence in the bedroom and beyond!

Break A Sweat 💪🏻

I know the gym can feel intimidating AF, but trust: Exercise boosts your libido and just makes you feel better overall—mentally, physically, emotionally, you name it! I suggest starting a fun lil’ fitness challenge with a friend or your partner if you need the motivation and inspiration to start. After you do, odds are you’ll be so stoked once you remember how powerful your body can be. 

Masturbate More 💦

Seriously, though. We’ve said it before! Masturbation can improve your sex life and helps boost your sensual confidence. Carve some time out to get cozy with your favorite vibrator or intimacy serum and give yourself the pleasure you deserve. I mean, who hasn’t felt pretty d*mn amazing in their body after experiencing a powerful O?

Snag Sexy Lingerie 👙

Stop waiting for the perfect occasion to click add to cart on that cute lingerie brand you’ve been eyeing. Now’s the time! Find something sexy for yourself to slip into and let yourself get excited about just how amazing you look while wearing it. Remember: Your partner doesn’t care if you have love handles. (Or any other body part you’re insecure about, for that matter!) They just want to do it with you. (Like, right now. Especially in that new lingerie set!) 

Get More Glow ✨

Finally, whenever I feel like the winter weather is draining my complexion of all its color and spark, I like to use a cleansing body scrub and add a bit of self-tanner to my lotion, applying it all over my body. And for added hydration for my super dry skin, I’ll use the Body & Intimacy Serum literally head-to-toe. (On my face, arms, legs, you name it.) It makes me feel more like myself, and like I’ve maintained a bit of an ~inner glow~ even when I feel as dull as the season’s snow.

I hope these tips help you hone all the winter body confidence you need! I know I’ll be practicing them ASAP. Here’s to sunnier days ahead. 💜

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