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What Is Sensual Confidence, Exactly?

What Is Sensual Confidence, Exactly?

Odds are you know what “body confidence” means. (And hopefully, you even practice it!) At Beia, we’re so happy that people everywhere are becoming more proud of what they look like in their own skin. 

That said, there’s one aspect of body confidence that we’re hoping to familiarize our community with, too. Enter: sensual confidence.

What is sensual confidence, exactly? Like body confidence, it means that you’re feeling confident and happy with your body—but it’s also much deeper than that. 

It includes an extra layer that’s super important to our day-to-day lives and overall well-being…

And that’s intimacy

Sensual confidence is a more holistic approach to body care and body confidence. Yes–it’s great to feel content with your physical beauty, but what about being confident in how your body feels, too?

Sensual confidence encourages you to look within at your sexual health, your mental health, and your overall well-being. Having sensual confidence means that you feel prepared, beautiful, happy, and capable of experiencing pleasure that carries over into every aspect of your life. 

Helping our community build their sensual confidence is *kind of our number one priority* at Beia.

Whether we’re offering solutions to your bedroom insecurities and intimate concerns, or helping you stay informed on what’s important in sex, dating, relationships, and more, we’re here to help you cultivate sensual confidence so that you can be your best self before, during, and after intimacy. 

Eager to build more sensual confidence, ASAP? Trust: These things take time! But here are a few ways you can tackle the bedroom, little by little, with some of Beia’s awesome resources…

Cheers to cultivating a sensually confident community! See you next week 💜.

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