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How To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

How To Beat The Post-Holiday Blues

IDK about you, but I tend to get frustrated with myself around this time of year. Why? I always think I’m going to return back to New York after the holiday season ready to get back to work and hustle, but instead I’m so groggy and overall meh.

It usually takes me a few weeks to get back into my groove—but even when it feels like I won’t, I always find my way back to productivity and an overall improved mood! 

If you feel the same way, I figured I might drop my little guide for getting back to yourself this year below. A few things I do to beat the post-holiday blues are… 

Get A Massage 

Seriously. Just book one. Or have your partner give you a massage with our body serum. Whatever you do, let someone else pamper you for a bit. Trust: Kneading out stress knots, aches, and pains always makes me feel refreshed and more present in my body. 

Sign Up For A Workout Class

It might feel like the absolute last thing you want to do, but honestly, exercise helps me so much. To motivate myself, I book a class at my favorite studio and ask a friend to go with me. (Then I can’t bail!) And while it’s a pain to drag myself there, I’ve never not felt totally amazing after exercise, so it’s a must. (And FYI: Endorphins boost your mood and your sex drive…!) 

Get Intimate 

I don’t need to remind you that having an orgasm always feels incredible, right? So, initiate sex with your partner (or yourself) and, yup, climax

Take It Easy

For a few days (or however long you need), embrace a slower lifestyle and let yourself ease back into the hustle and bustle. Light a candle, sleep more hours, and don’t overbook your calendar. Trust that taking time to rest and regroup will actually help you get more done in the long term. 

Well, that’s my list for you. Best of luck finding your stride in 2024. I’ll be right there with you! 💜

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