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Unsexy Packing Essentials To Help You Feel, Well, *Sexier*

Unsexy Packing Essentials To Help You Feel, Well, *Sexier*

I am so darn excited that the weather is finally warm. I mean, is there anything better than the sunshine? It literally brightens my entire attitude, and it’s safe to say I’ll be soaking up as much sun as possible until further notice. 

That said, with the sun comes something a little less…well… sexy. And that’s stuff like sweat! Breakouts! And bad smells! That’s why we’ve compiled a quick little packing list to stash in your purse, beach bag, or gym duffel of somewhat-unsexy items to make you feel like you have your bases covered this summer. 

Trust: In feeling more prepared to take on stink, sweat, and other summer stressors, you’ll feel 10x sexier. (It’s just science!) 

Wipe Down!

First and foremost, you know that we’ll always recommend stashing some Refresh Wipes in your bag. Formulated with hyaluronic acid and tea tree oil, these gentle AF wipes will help swipe away sweat and stink (even down there!) leaving you feeling fresh and fun for your date night or big work meeting, sans shower

Brush It Off 

Letting your hair down for the summer means that you’re welcoming tangles and frizz. And that’s fine! But a quick tip? Stash a mini brush, hair clips, silk scarf, or ties into your bag so that you can fix your hair or pull it out of your face when you’re getting too hot and bothered. 

Spritz Spritz 

Our cult-favorite, travel-size face mist is also the perfect addition to your summer essentials bag. With soothing aloe vera and skin-softening squalane, your face will feel more smooth and calm after post-spray. Plus, it’s a great way to cool off in the relentless summer heat. 

Touch Ups To-Go

Honestly, there’s no shame in being prone to spills. (or Sex-related messes 😉) That’s why it’s great to stash a Tide Stick in your bag, so that you can straight-up enjoy your melting ice cream or iced coffee instead of getting stains.

Chew On This

You never know who you’ll run into, no? So make sure your breath stays fresh by stowing a small pack of mint gum in your purse for last-minute run-ins or meeting up with your summer fling for a little rendezvous. 

Stay prepared out there, friends!

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