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Why do people like being single during summer?

Why do people like being single during summer?

During the colder months, it’s all about cuffing season. It can feel like relationships are all the rage, and everywhere you turn there’s a place to cozy up with a significant other by the fire, sipping hot cocoa… You get the picture! 

But when it comes to summer? Singledom is what’s sexy. Whether people are raving about a #hotgirlsummer or showing off all kinds of skin at the beach, the weather getting warm means that people are ready for low-key flings again—relationships be gone! 

But what makes you want to break up with someone (or swear off dating entirely) when it’s sunny out?

“Summer often creates a feeling of freedom, adventure, and a more relaxed atmosphere compared to other seasons,” explains relationship therapist Sophie Cress, LMFT. “This ambiance can influence many to choose singleness during the warmer months.” Furthermore, unlike winter, “summer offers a diverse range of activities and social opportunities that can feel more liberating when experienced without the commitment of a romantic partner,” Cress explains. 

Why might social opportunities make singledom more appealing? 

I mean, think about it: summer means more outdoor events like festivals, travel, concerts, parties, park days, and the like. And when you’re single, you have “greater flexibility to explore new experiences and meet new people,” Cress says. (Like, perhaps, a new summer fling?) “This independence can be refreshing, particularly after a long winter when social interactions are often more limited,” Cress explains. 

And what might you find while experiencing this period of summer solitude? 

“The longer days and warmer weather can inspire a sense of renewal and self-discovery. Some choose to focus on personal growth, fitness, or hobbies during summer, and being single can offer more time and freedom to pursue these interests,” Cress says. You might even take the time to indulge in some much-needed self-care, like spending extra time in the shower with a scrub or lighting a scented candle

All that said, if you love the relationship you’re in, don’t feel pressure to break up just because it’s summer. 

The warm weather can warrant even better vibes between you and your S.O., too, afterall. (Ever heard Justin Timberlake’s “Summer Love”?!) So do whatever works best for you—and don’t forget to have your best summer yet.

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