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What is the Do It First Rule?

What is the Do It First Rule?

Picture this: You just went on a sweet lil’ Friday night date with your partner. Maybe you grabbed dinner and drinks at a fancy restaurant. Or maybe you snacked on candy and popcorn at the movies then went for a quick bite afterward. 

Whatever you do, odds are by the time you return home it’s late, likely around your usual bedtime, you’re sooo overstuffed from eating, and you’re the perfect cocktail combination of tipsy, tired, and full that means you want to get right into bed and fall asleep. 

But wait—what about the sex? Romantic date nights are supposed to be a prelude to intimacy, but instead, they can (understandably!) make you tired AF and super bloated, no matter how good of a time you had with your S.O. 

You want to feel sensually confident when you’re being intimate. And if you’re physically uncomfortable? It’ll be much harder to get there and way less fun. Plus, when you wait all night for sex and you end up not doing it… It can really bum you both out. 

That being said, allow us to introduce you to this solid date night hack.  

Meet the F*ck First Rule! It’s a tip that’ll help you have your cake and eat it too, but you’ll actually be eating it first

In case you didn’t know, the term was coined by sex and relationships author Dan Savage and has been talked about all over social media. Here’s what it means: 

Instead of waiting until *after* getting home from all of your date night activities to do the deed, you should f*ck first. Think about it. You can make your reservation or book your movie tickets for a lil’ later in the night, get all dressed up (or not), but instead of heading out the door, you head to the bedroom to have sex instead.

Then, while you’re out to dinner, you can bask in your post-orgasm glow and maybe even bond over the intimate moments you just shared. Eat and drink to your heart’s desire, and then you can come home feeling as full, bloated, and tired as you please, free to snuggle up in your PJs and call it a night because, yup, you already did it. 

And of course, if you feel like going for round two, please do so by all means! In the meantime, let us know this tip goes for you on your next date night. 💜 

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