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What is Pentylene Glycol and Why is it in all of my Skincare Products?

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Pentylene glycol skincare benefits

What is Pentylene Glycol?

Pentylene glycol is a clear liquid with a sweet taste. It’s found naturally in plants such as sugar beets and corn, and typically re-created in a lab for cosmetic use. Pentylene glycol has many functions in cosmetics, making it widely used by cosmetic chemists in all types of products from cleansers to serums … and facial mists ;) 

P.S. If you notice a lot of our ingredients are categorized as clear liquids with a sweet taste, it’s because they are part of the same ingredient family called glycols. Glycols are related to ethyl alcohol, giving them similar antimicrobial properties, without being drying due to their high concentration of fatty acids that moisturize skin. Other glycols in the Beia ingredient family include butylene glycol, glycerin, and ethylhexylglycerin.


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Skincare Benefits of Pentylene Glycol

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Pulls moisture into skin for an enhanced glow 

Pentylene glycol is hydrophilic, meaning it binds well to water. Not only does this property help pentylene glycol emulsify and thicken products , but it also helps to moisture the skin and give you a beautiful glow.

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Conditions & softens skin

One of pentylene glycol’s many functions is skin conditioning, which means it helps to soften skin cells so your skin looks and feels smooth.

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Boosts preservatives to make products last longer

Pentylene glycol works synergistically with preservatives in cosmetics to boost the effectiveness of them and help keep products safer for longer, so you can get the most out of them. Preservatives are not just important for product safety, but also for sustainability because they minimize unnecessary waste from expired products. 

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Makes formulas feel silky smooth

One of the reasons why cosmetic chemists love pentylene glycol so much is because it enhances the texture of the formula and the application experience. At Beia, we don’t just want to give you effective products, we also want to give you a luxurious experience, so you can give yourself a true “self-care moment”. 

Ready to indulge in self-care moments with pentylene glycol? Treat yourself to our Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist and Body & Intimacy Serum!

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