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What Are In-Grown Hairs And Why Do We Get Them?

What Are In-Grown Hairs And Why Do We Get Them?

IDK about you but… When it comes to taking care of my body, there’s almost nothing I hate more than getting an in-grown hair. They’re usually big, swollen, red, and they just plain hurt, even if you can resist popping them on the spot. (FYI, you definitely should resist!) Plus, they can feel straight up embarrassing to have while getting intimate. (No matter how comfortable you are with the other person.) 

And with all the shaving, sweating, and well, sex, we’re having, it can feel like in-grown hairs are kind of unavoidable, too. But they’re not! You can help prevent in-growns by regularly exfoliating ~all the parts~, especially the ones you shave. (Think: face, bikini line, underarms, legs, butt, you name it.) 

That’s why we’re dropping our latest product April 11th: Bikini Body Scrub. As you know from our last newsletter, the formula features a special blend of rice powder, glycolic acid, and green tea to buff away all the stuff that causes in-growns in the first place, like… ⬇️⬇️⬇️ 

New Hair Growth

Even if you remove hair during shaving, waxing, sugaring, etc., you probably know by now that the removal isn’t permanent. New hairs grow in, and as they reach the surface, your skin reacts as if it were a foreign object and becomes irritated, not letting the hair out of the pore, per the Mayo Clinic

Dead Skin Cells 

To ease the process of your new hair entering through your skin’s surface, you need to slough away dead skin cells (hi, Bikini Body Scrub!) that may inhibit growth. The buildup of dead skin cells only furthers the chance of your skin becoming irritated and clogged, and maintaining a solid skin cell turnover through exfoliation prevents just that. 

Sex & Sweat 💦

Exercise and intimacy? Basically the two best things on planet earth. But they also cause irritation and pore clogging. Think about it: Lots of salty sweat (and other fluids…) rubbing up against your skin constantly. It's a perfect recipe for in-growns. So don’t forget to wipe it all off when you’re done and buff that debris away when you’re in the shower!

Happy scrubbing 💜and we’ll see you next week! 


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