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Why The Bikini & Body Scrub Is The Key To Unlocking Your Sensual Confidence

Why The Bikini & Body Scrub Is The Key To Unlocking Your Sensual Confidence

When I was younger, whenever I’d go to the beach on vacation, I’d spend so much time being insecure about blemishes along my bikini line and my keratosis pilaris. (AKA, those little bumps that show up in rough patches on your skin.) 

Honestly, my skin down there made me feel less confident and totally self-conscious. I’d focus all my energy on covering up when instead I should’ve been enjoying myself and the beautiful beach I was on with the people I loved!

With this in mind, I knew the next product that Beia needed to bring to life was one that addressed those specific, bikini-clad concerns. Think: dry skin, blemishes, ingrown hairs, keratosis pilaris, rough spots—you name it. 

That’s why we’re so psyched to introduce our Bikini & Body Scrub to the world next month.

At Beia, we know that true sensual confidence starts before you enter the bedroom. In fact, most of the time it’s all about what you do leading up to the big moment so that you can feel present and powerful in your own skin, no matter what. 

To help you do so, the Bikini & Body Scrub formula features a special blend of star ingredients like rice powder (a physical exfoliant), glycolic acid (a gentle chemical exfoliant), and green tea (a calming ingredient rooted in Chinese tradition). Plus, it’s fragrance-free to avoid irritating those with sensitive skin. (raises hand 🙋🏻‍♀️

This triple threat combination buffs away dead skin cells and pore-clogging oils while also hydrating for a smooth, radiant finish. From your under arms to your bikini line (and everywhere in between), you can also use this scrub without worrying about damaging your skin barrier in the process. 

Trust: With our whole-body approach to scrubs, serums, mists, and more, you can ditch worrying about your bikini line insecurities for good. You’ll feel more confident than ever owning your sensual confidence and stepping into the bedroom. (And beyond!) 

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