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Sexting Around Your Family, Explained

Sexting Around Your Family, Explained

So we’ve already covered how to bring your partner home for the holiday season. (Including how to f*ck in your childhood bedroom!) But what about if you're not able to be around your partner while visiting family this year? 

For starters, it’s totally understandable—whether you have conflicting schedules or you just want to prioritize alone time with both of your families, there’s no shame in spending a week or two apart. (It’s normal!) 

That said, just because you’re separated by distance doesn’t mean that your attraction to your partner fades during this time away. In fact, because you have the chance to miss them and pine over them, you might even be feeling more aroused than usual! 

And look: Spending time around family doesn’t mean that you have to push that desire away. Instead, why not lean in and let your partner know how you’re feeling?

Specifically, try sexting with your partner while you’re apart this season. Here’s how… 

  1. Turn your brightness down. The last thing you need is for your grandmother to look over your shoulder and see anything ~erotic~, K?
  1. Start the convo off PG-13. Make sure no one is peeking, then initiate sexting by telling your partner that you’ve been missing them and because of this, you’re extra aroused. 
  1. Snap a spicy pic 📸. Then, ask your S.O. if you can send them a sexy photo. If they say yes, excuse yourself to the bathroom, your bedroom, or anywhere else that’s private. (And make sure that door is *locked*.) Get out your phone and send your partner some Rated R pics. 
  1. Get chatty. Feel free to leave your private space and rejoin your fam. But odds are, your partner will be even more aroused after seeing your naked body, so stay engaged by texting under the table or keeping your phone close to your chest. Text them some spicy messages, telling them what you want to do to them and where you’d like to be touched… You know the drill!
  1. Finish things off 🤯. Once you can sneak away to a room with a locked door again, it’s time to finish each other off. Call your partner on FaceTime to talk each other into an orgasmic state, or do the deed on your own then send a post-O pic to bae, thanking them for pleasing you even though you’re a part. 

After you’re both satisfied, reiterate that you can’t wait to do it IRL soon. 😉

Trust: This will bring you closer and remind you that you don’t need to compromise on your sexual needs, no matter where you are or the time of year. 

Have fun and let us know how it goes! 💜

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