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How To Have The Best End-Of-Summer Sex

How To Have The Best End-Of-Summer Sex

Summer is flying by. We’re already ending August! Wasn’t June legit just yesterday? But no stress: There’s still plenty of weeks left to soak up summer sun and warm weather before fall hits—even when it comes to your sex life!  

Seriously, though. The end of summer is the perfect time to ~heat things up~ in the intimacy department, whether you’re in a committed relationship or you’re dating around. (Or neither, TBH!) Need some inspiration? Here’s our list of the 5 best ways to make the most of what’s left of your summer—sexually speaking!

Sex on the beach!

You know that we’re big on beach sex. Make sure you try this ~novel~ sexual experience before your summer ends! You know how it works: wear your easiest-access swimsuit to the beach, lay out a towel, and try easy-to-execute positions like doggy or oral sex so as to avoid getting sand in your downstairs, hah. 

Melted ice cream… 

Let that pint of vanilla, chocolate, or strawberry (keep it simple) sit out in the summer sun for a minute or two. Then, when it gets melty, drip it along your partner’s body and sensually lick it up until they’re super turned on. (Go wherever you want from there 😉.) Not an ice cream fan? Swap it out for a popsicle or shaved ice instead. 

Songs of the summer—sex version 🎵

Odds are you have a playlist that includes all your favorite songs of the summer. But why not compile a playlist of all the ones that are ~extra sexy~, specifically? Then, press play on your home speaker and initiate intimacy with bae. Tell them you made this summer sex playlist for the occasion!

Hit up an outdoor concert 

One of the best parts of summer weather is that you can do so many outdoor activities— like concerts! Take your bae (or a new date) to an outdoor DJ set or to a musical artist that has some particularly sensual songs, then dance the night away. You can use the music as an excuse to dance super closely and intimately, maybe even grinding on each other and sneaking some kisses on the dance floor. And yep, you guessed it—this kind of hot, sexy, sweaty night is the perfect foreplay for sex when you get home. 

Set the self-pleasure mood with summer vibes

Open all your windows. Let in the fresh air. Lay naked on your sheets. Play soft summer-y music. Light your summer seasonal candles. Then allow your hands to explore your own body and indulge in self-pleasure while soaking in the final days of heat, humidity, and that sweet summer aroma. 

Okay, I think you’re ready to have amazing sex the rest of the summer. Have the most fun! ☀️💜

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