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How To Have Sex On The Beach

How To Have Sex On The Beach

Summer’s in full swing, folks! Let’s take advantage of the sun and beach season while it lasts, no? For this week’s newsletter, we’re breaking down how to do sex on the beach right, according to experts like sex and relationship counselor Dr. Martha Tara Lee and sexologist Rhiannon John from BedBible.

Whether you’re on vacation or you’re soaking up rays on your local coastline, here’s what you should know for having the best beach sex ever. 

First, pack your beach bag

Whether your beach sex is planned or it’s an ~in the heat of the moment~ kinda thing, try to grab these essentials on your way out the door, Lee says. 

  • A large beach towel or blanket to create a comfortable surface, plus wipes for cleanup
  • A bathing suit with easy access! Think: string bikini you can easily undo, or thong you can pull to the side. 
  • Condoms or other forms of protection, of course. 

Then, get into ~position~

Lay your beach towel down to make sure you’re not getting sand down there, then get into one of the following positions for hot AF beach sex. 


It’s probably best to have your orifices as far from the sand as possible, no? So get on your hands and knees and let your partner enter you from behind as they kneel. 

Water Lotus

If you want to do it while you’re in the ocean, try wrapping your legs around your partner while they plant their legs on the sandy floor. They can hold your butt up and help you ride them—both of you hidden by the waves. 

Oral all the way

Keep it simple and throw a towel over your head while you go down on your partner, or vice versa. Have the person on the receiving end hold a book or a magazine to play it cool, and you can play it off like you’re chilling on each other’s laps.

When you’re done… 

“Make sure you dispose of any bodily fluids or items that contain bodily fluids, as they have the potential to infect others or pollute the ocean,” John explains. 

One final note! 

Eager to have beach sex? Great! One last thing before you go, per Lee. Check local laws on public nudity on beaches (you never know!) and beware of sharp objects, rocks, or strong currents in the water. 

Got all this down? Hope you have the best beach sex this summer.

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