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Your Guide To Wedding Reception Hookups

Your Guide To Wedding Reception Hookups

Who says the newlyweds are the only ones allowed to get it on after a wedding ceremony? There’s a reason that wedding hookups are such a trope in popular culture: guests get intimate at weddings—and there’s a reason why. 

“At weddings, people may feel a heightened sense of emotion and nostalgia as they witness the celebration of love and commitment between two individuals,” explains sexologist Rhiannon John from BedBible

In such an atmosphere, some people can be inclined to pursue a romantic or sexual connection. “It can feel like a fitting tribute to the occasion,” John explains. Combine the free-flowing drinks and a celebratory mood, and guests might feel more relaxed and flirtatious, leading to sexual exploration.  

TLDR, it’s totally normal to get intimate at weddings. That said, there’s a way to navigate wedding hookups that can make the experience work for everyone involved—including the other guests, the newlyweds, and you and your hookup, of course. Here’s what you should know, per John…

Be Mindful! 

Remember: Be respectful of the couple getting married and adhere to the social norms of the atmosphere. If the wedding is fairly formal, making out with someone on the dance floor might be considered taboo and upset the newlywed couple, K? However, a kiss on the dance floor may go unnoticed if there's a party atmosphere. All in all, just be mindful of how your actions may affect others.

Choose Wisely

Another thing to consider when hooking up at a wedding is the potential for drama or complications. Be prepared for all possibilities. For example, if you hook up with someone and then later regret it, you may still have to interact with them at future events. On the other hand, if you have a great time and want to see the person again, you’ll need to navigate how to make that happen without causing any awkwardness or discomfort.

Check In With Yourself (And Your Hookup!)

When it comes to a wedding hook up itself, approach it with intention and awareness. Be present in the moment without any pressure for it to turn into something more. Clear communication is also key. Make sure that both parties are on the same page about their desires and intentions, whether it's just a fun one-night stand or the possibility of a future connection. This will help avoid any misunderstandings that could detract from the positive experience. 

Assess Your Alcoholic Intake

Weddings are often a time of celebration and indulgence, but staying in control and aware of your actions is important. Drinking too much can impair judgment that may impact the potential for a successful wedding hook up. By staying present, communicating clearly, and being mindful of your behavior, you can increase the chances of an enjoyable experience.

So You Hooked Up. Now What?

If you're interested in seeing the person again, it's important to consider what it is that draws you to them beyond the heat of the moment. Once you’ve figured that out, talk to them and communicate your desires and intentions honestly. Exchange phone numbers or social media handles and make plans to meet up again. 

Don't want to see them again? That’s okay. Communicate your decision clearly and respectfully. Be kind! It's better to let them know sooner rather than later, so they don't have false expectations. Remember, regardless of your choice, treat yourself and your hook-up partner with kindness and respect.

Happy wedding season 💜.



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