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What Your Love Language Says About Your Sex

What Your Love Language Says About Your Sex

You know that your ~love language~ is important when it comes to communicating your needs in a relationship. And hopefully, you and your partner have taken a quiz (see here!) to figure out which love language aligns with each of you specifically. 

But if you’re met with some resistance when it comes to getting your S.O. to learn more about their love language (or even just take the test!) try telling them this: love languages translate to the bedroom, too! And knowing how to accommodate your respective love languages while ~being intimate~ will only make for better, hotter, steamier sex. 

And who doesn’t want that? The following is everything you need to know about the connection between each love language and how someone likes to be treated when it comes to physical intimacy, per licensed mental health counselor Melanie Cooke…

Words of affirmation (AKA: preferring to hear meaningful words)

Yup, you guessed it. Partners whose love language is words of affirmation might really enjoy more praise (or dirty talk!) from their partners during sex. (Read: you’re doing so good, baby, for example…) 

Acts of service (AKA: loved when partners do nice things that make life easier) 

Acts of service lovers could get more out of having their partner take the reins on foreplay. This might look like a sensual massage, booking a room for a sexy staycation close by, or suggesting a new role play scenario where partners can just play along. 

Quality time (AKA: spending special time together, talking, laying side-by-side, etc.) 

If your partner feels love through quality time, you may want to think outside of the act of sex itself. Plan a date that helps your partner feel emotionally connected to you before turning the heat up. (You’ll know what they like best, so pick something meaningful.) 

Receiving gifts (AKA: presents and treats, duh!)

Toys and lingerie that can be used in the bedroom together immediately come to mind when you think of receiving gifts. You can try, for example, surprising them with that vibrator they’ve been eyeing, pick out a sexy outfit to wear for them, “gift” them a sexual experience, etc. 

Physical touch (AKA: hugs, cuddling, closeness!)

This love language may sound like the most clear cut, but remember that it also extends beyond the bedroom. It doesn’t always mean a quickie on the couch! Physical touch includes non-sexual physical affection, too: shoulder rubs, hugs, hand holding, a post coital cuddle, etc. 

Let us know how it goes when you try ideas these out later tonight 😙. Have some fun and explore your love languages together! 



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