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What To Do On Valentine’s Day This Year

What To Do On Valentine’s Day This Year

Look, I get it. Planning for Valentine’s Day can be so overwhelming. Of course you want the day to be special. But it can also feel like you’re left with, like, one option when it comes to what to do: Drinks. Dinner. Do It. 

But TBH, that's something you can do on any random weekend. Why not use Valentine’s Day as an excuse to do something not-boring and totally new. I feel like that’s the best way to actually make memories that last a lifetime. You know what I mean? 

All that said, below are ideas for your Valentine’s Day plans, no matter your relationship sitch. The best part? You still have a week left to add them to your calendar. (You’re welcome!) 

If you’re single… Sign up for a mixer 🍸

Sure, it’s totally fine if you want to spend your Valentine’s Day watching romantic comedies and rotting on your couch. But why not put yourself out there? (Only if you’re feeling it, of course.) 

Sign up for a mixer where you can meet other singles, meet new people, and get all dressed up. Because honestly? You deserve to feel just as beautiful and confident on V-Day as anyone, in a relationship or not. 

And look, if you’re not up for socializing, you can always just take yourself out. Sidle up to a bar or restaurant booth with your favorite book or a journal, a glass of wine, and some appetizers and enjoy some much-needed peace. 

If you’re newly taken… Try a cooking class 🍳

For those of you in a newly defined relationship, a cooking class could be your go-to. Assuming your relationship lasts, you’ll probably be making lots of meals together. Why not test out your skills and see who has what strengths in the kitchen? (And maybe even work on some solid communication skills while you’re following a recipe.) Plus, you’ll come out of this knowing how to create a special new dish—one you can make again to remember your early Valentine’s date. 

And if cooking isn’t either of your “things,” you can always try taking a different kind of class. Whether it’s woodworking (hot), pottery (sexual!), or flower arranging (sweet), consider this an opportunity to learn something new together

If you’re in a long-term relationship… Head to the Museum of Sex! ❤️‍🔥

Or any museum or gallery, for that matter. The point is that exploring a new space gives you the chance to talk to each other in a different environment, exchange ideas, and discuss life through a lens that you don’t normally have in your day-to-day life. Trust: This can bring a sense of novelty and excitement into the relationship. Plus, you might just find your new favorite date spot in your city. 

Not into art or museums? No problem. Just try to find somewhere new to experience life together. Consider alternatives like exploring an unknown neighborhood, seeing a play or musical, going to a new concert venue, etc. You’ve got this. 

I hope you have the best Valentine’s Day this year! We can’t wait to hear about what you do. 💜

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