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What Is Keratosis Pilaris, Exactly?

What Is Keratosis Pilaris, Exactly?

Let me be real: I’ve struggled with keratosis pilaris for most of my life! Seriously, though: I’ve had those pesky little bumps all along my arms, legs, and bum for as long as I can remember, and they were always a major insecurity for me! 

However, around one third of all adults are affected by the skin condition, so if you have KP, just know you’re not alone. (In fact, it’s totally normal.) 

But even though this is super common, I’ve often found myself wondering what makes KP different from, say, in-grown hairs or acne. KP has the same look, but they’re different! Here’s what we learned about KP in developing our latest launch, the Bikini & Body Scrub, which can help reduce KP. (No matter where you’re affected!)

So, What Is KP?  🍓

Not sure what I’m talking about here? Well, first: good for you! You’re someone who probably doesn’t struggle with KP. Second, here’s what you should know: KP is that strawberry-like skin texture, usually along people’s arms, legs, cheeks, or booty that feels rough, bumpy, and can sometimes be irritating. (Though usually, it’s not painful.) 

What Causes KP? 

Overall, KP Is caused by the buildup of keratin (a skin-protecting hard protein) which blocks the opening of hair follicles, creating little bumps along your skin’s surface, per the Mayo Clinic. There is no other known cause because, TBH, KP is considered a genetic condition. There’s no preventing it from arising! You can only address it as it comes.

Minimizing Your KP

Again, it’s important to note that overall, KP is totally harmless. If anything, wanting to get rid of your KP is an aesthetic preference, not a medical necessity! That said, smooth skin has always been important to me, which is why we developed the Bikini & Body Scrub to target KP by exfoliating away those hard layers of skin with gentle ingredients like rice pumice, glycolic acid, and green tea while you shower. 

For the best results, after you exfoliate, apply a moisturizing agent (like our Body & Intimacy Serum) to keep the skin hydrated and healing long-term. 

Thanks for learning more about KP with us this week—we hope it was helpful! We’ll see you next Wednesday.

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