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Normalizing Having Sex With Your Partner During *That* Time of Month

Normalizing Having Sex With Your Partner During *That* Time of Month

IDK about you, but I used to be weirded out by having sex while on my period. It wasn’t that I was personally uncomfortable, per se, but I was self-conscious about the blood and I worried that my sexual partner wouldn’t want to get messy. 

However, as I’ve gotten older I’ve realized that, honestly, period sex is NBD as long as you have the tools you need to make sure you feel clean and comfortbale downstairs before and afterward. In fact, it’s part of where I got the idea to make the Beia Refresh Wipes for easy-access, no-fuss cleanup. 

That said, I know that not everyone is as comfortable with period sex as I am. So for this week’s Beia newsletter we chatted with sex therapist Dr. Janet Brito, PhD, founder of the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health to break down ~doing it~ on your period for our readers. 



But first, a disclaimer: Period sex isn’t *required*

Look, some people are absolutely not comfortable with having any type of physical touch during their period. And that’s totally fine. There’s no pressure here, but if sex on your period *is* something you’re interested in, here’s what you should know…

What are you in the ~mood~ for?

Decide what type of sex you want to have on your period before you begin. Why? “Some people don't want to have penetrative sex during their period, but they're comfortable with outercourse such as manual stimulation, rubbing, oral, or grinding,” Brito says. You can also try mindful touching like sensual massage, kissing, playing with nipples, and the like. 

Switchin’ up positions

“Be open about communication and listen to what positions are more comfortable for the person with their period,” Brito says. “Don’t assume that a position you normally do is going to be best for a period sex,” she says, since some people experience more pain or discomfort in certain positions or bodily areas while menstruating. All in all, “explore what might be better or more relaxing for the person receiving penetrative sex,” Brito says. 

Make the mess manageable. 

If you’re stressed about making a mess, just take some easy precautions. “Grab a thick, dark towel or blanket you don’t mind getting ‘dirty’ and lay it over the surface on which you’re having sex,” Brito says. There are even moisture-resistant blankets you can buy made specifically for period sex and ~other bodily fluids~ from intercourse. 

Get wet with shower sex

Another super easy way to minimize the mess and make clean up easy AF during your period? Get wet and wild with shower sex. Think about it: The water cleans up any fluids as you do it and it’s a sexy way to spice things up. 

You can still wear your menstrual products

Yup, if you don’t want to have penetrative sex, you’re totally free to still wear your tampon, cup, or period underwear while you get intimate, Brito says. No need to take any hygiene products out if you’re not feelin’ it. 


Ultimately, just think of period sex as an opportunity to get out of your comfort zone and try new things, Brito says. 


But a quick FYI: Just be sure that whatever you do, you’re still protecting yourself from STIs and unwanted pregnancy, obvs. 


Happy period-sex-having, and don’t forget to clean up with Beia Refresh Wipes when you’re done. 😏

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