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Ruining Your Own Valentine’s Day? You Need Brittany’s Advice On Keeping Things *Fun*

Ruining Your Own Valentine’s Day? You Need Brittany’s Advice On Keeping Things *Fun*

Yup, Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But let’s be real: is this holiday actually the most romantic night of the year or just a total letdown?

If Valentine’s Day is a sore spot for you—I get it. Trust me: For years I was single in New York and had no one to spend Valentine’s Day with. And the one time that I was with someone? They legitimately stood me up while I waited for them at our planned date spot. Not gonna lie, it left me pretty crushed!

Nowadays, I’m in a great relationship, and I’m confident he would never leave me hanging at a restaurant, lol. However, because I spent years wishing for special Valentine’s Days, I can admittedly put a lot of pressure on myself and my BF to make it some major, romantic night. 

TBH, I’m working on not making Valentine’s Day such a big deal, or relying on my partner to create all the magic. It’s 2023, folks! If we want to have a great Valentine’s Day, it’s up to both of us to make it special, right? 

After learning so much about the dating world and experiencing good, bad, and straight-up ugly Valentine’s Days, I’m dropping my must-follow, top tips and tricks to having your best-ever V-Day below. Let me know what you think!

Don’t hate, collaborate!

Like I said, relying on your S.O. to create *all* the V-Day magic isn’t fair. Instead, try thinking of it as a collaborative couple’s activity! For example make the dinner reservation together—maybe it’s a spot you’ve both been dying to try? Or, pick out the lingerie you want each other to wear that night. (Just an idea… 👀.) 

Either way, allow both of you to be a part of the decision making so that no one is burdened with the pressure. (Which, BTW, is a total mood killer!) Plus, this guarantees that everyone is happy and getting what they want. 

🎶I can buy myself flowers🎶

Single this year? It’s easy to get down in the dumps if you’re feeling lonely at the thought of not having a partner on V-Day. But why not make this a moment to treat yourself to something special instead? Find ways to pamper *you* and remind yourself that you are in love—with yourself. 

Need ideas? Buy yourself flowers! Treat yourself to a mani and pedi! Get a massage! Masturbate! Or, just let yourself skip on that workout, have a lowkey night, eating takeout and watching your fav comfort movie. Do what’s going to make you happy and remind you how great it is to be you. K?

Stay off socials

Whether I’m single or coupled up on Valentine’s Day, social media is a source of anxiety. When I’ve been on my own and upset about it, I’ve always felt worse seeing happy couples posting their dates on IG. And now that I have a boyfriend? I’m comparing my relationship to other couples’ and what they end up having planned. 

No matter where you’re at, though, remember that social media is a highlight reel. You don’t know what goes on in someone else’s relationship! Maybe someone sent themselves flowers and pretended they were from a BF. Maybe one couple got into a huge argument before their date. Maybe someone would rather be single. You just don’t know—so just enjoy where you’re at and don’t assume. 

Sex, baby!

It’s so easy to get lost in the planning. Don’t forget a major part of V-Day: an excuse to have amazing sex! We want all that romance to lead to something sexy, right? So make sure you prioritize sex on Valentine’s Day. (Hopefully, it’s already top-of-mind!) It’ll only bring you and your S.O. closer. 

If there’s time between your dinner reservation and work, maybe have some pre-dinner sex so that you’re more energized. Or, leave it for the grand finale and make it super special by incorporating sexy lingerie, intimacy serum, role playing, or setting the mood with scents and candles. (Just some suggestions!) 

Keep it simple

Don’t want to go all-out or spend a bunch of $$$ for Valentine’s Day but still want to do something memorable? Try cooking dinner together at home, making vision boards with old magazines, doing a workout together, or eating chocolates and watching your favorite TV show. 

Just enjoy the little moments and don’t stress about making it a big “thing” if you don’t want to. There’s no need to overhype this or make it super romantic. Just focus on spending one-on-one time with your partner and go from there. 

Alright—you’ve got this all-in-one guide, according to yours truly. Now start planning and have a lovely lil’ Valentine’s Day 😙❤️.



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