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Ridding Of Summer Buttne And Bacne

Ridding Of Summer Buttne And Bacne

I’m so stoked it’s summer. As you know, the warm weather makes me feel on top of the world, and there’s nothing I love more than the liveliness of New York City during these months!

That said, summer doesn’t come without its beauty-related woes! Give me a nice tan, a sun dress, and social plans, and I’m on cloud nine—but as soon as acne comes into the picture? I’m stressed! And if you’re like me, finding little pimples all along your back and booty during the warm weather from sweat and friction, odds are you’re fed up. 

To help those of us with bacne and butt-ne out this summer, here are some tips to keep in mind and maintain a smooth, clear complexion all over your body, all season long. 

Wipe Away Sweat And City Debris

Odds are you know by now that sweat buildup and environmental debris can build up inside your pores, causing skin blemishes. The thing you might forget? This applies to your entire body. So next time you go for a long run or have been outdoors all day, don’t forget to cleanse your entire body with our Refresh Wipes and change into a fresh pair of clothing right afterward. Sitting in your sweat = a recipe for body acne! 

Scrub In The Shower

In your daily shower, make sure you not only use soap to cleanse away stink and sweat, but also add our Bikini & Body Scrub into your shower routine. Use the scrub to buff the skin on your back and butt in circular motions, helping slough away dead skin cells that can clog your pores and cause acne all over. 

Stay Moisturized! 

Follow up your shower with a sure-fire moisturizing plan. Dry skin can cause a flaky and rough complexion, and a damage in your skin barrier can lead to acne all the same. So indulge post-shower in our Body & Intimacy Serum, which is both lightweight enough for summertime (AKA, won’t clog pores) and ultra-hydrating with ingredients like squalane and coconut oil. 

Keep Your Hair Up

Here’s an excuse to break out all your favorite claw clips, silk scarves, and hair bands this summer: Keep your hair up to avoid bacne! Having your hair mix with body sweat, then having it rub against your back is a great way to, well, get bacne. So keep it off your skin this summer to help your complexion—and maintain a cool body temp. 

We hope these tips were helpful 💜. We’re so pumped to be celebrating summer with you!

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