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Keep Your Makeup in Place from Day to Night with VP/VA Copolymer 

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What is VP/VA Copolymer?

Scientifically speaking, VP/VA copolymer is a polymer created by combining vinyl acetate and vinylpyrrolidone into one large molecule. Separately, vinyl acetate and vinylpyrrolidone are small chemicals with opposite properties. One chemical attracts water (like hyaluronic acid), while the other repels it, but together they create a superstar ingredient that is used across many categories of cosmetics. As a raw material, VP/VA copolymer is a loose white powder and it is used primarily as a film former and viscosity builder. More on what that means for your skin below.

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Skincare Benefits of VP/VA Copolymer

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Keeps makeup in place for hours

Our Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist may be skin care, but don’t forget it is also a hard-working setting spray. As we mentioned above, VP/VA copolymer is a film former, meaning it creates a super thin, non-pore-clogging layer on the skin that binds to your makeup and holds it there all day… and all night ;) 

Quick tip: One of our favorite ways to use the Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist for an extra long lasting look is to spray it on our beauty sponges before applying foundation. This will not only help give your skin a subtle glow through your makeup, but it will also help your foundation go on smoother.

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Gives formulas a smooth and luxurious feel

VP/VA copolymer is a viscosity builder, which is a fancy word for making cosmetic formulas feel nice. We want you to have a self-care moment when applying our products, so the application experience is top of mind when working with our cosmetic chemists to create new products. Hence, we use VP/VA copolymer to elevate our formulas and ensure a luxurious experience for the ultimate self-care indulgence. 

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Improved alternative to PVP

Before VP/VA copolymer, PVP was often used in setting sprays to help hold makeup in place. However, if you ever noticed your skin feeling dry or cracked after using a setting spray, it may be because PVP can be a bit drying. Luckily, cosmetic chemists discovered that VP/VA copolymer provides all of the same makeup holding capabilities, but is less brittle and less sensitive to air humidity, so your skin stays soft and supple.

Need your look to last you from early in the morning to late at night? Us too. Try using our  Daily Hydrating & Setting Mist before and after applying makeup for a beautiful, long-lasting glow that keeps your makeup in place from your morning meeting to your girl’s night out.

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