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How To Manifest While Experiencing Pleasure

How To Manifest While Experiencing Pleasure

Did you know that tapping into pleasure actually helps you manifest better, too? I break all of this down alongside manifestation coach Jordan Laurelle in her latest podcast The Magical Human Experience, now streaming platforms on all platforms. 

But before you dive into the episode, we thought it’d be great to give you a lil’ sneak peak on our tips and tricks for this week’s newsletter. Here’s what you should know:

“We manifest better when we’re prioritizing our pleasure, partly because we're literally made for pleasure,” Jordan explains. “We were intentionally designed with senses because we weren’t just meant to live, we were meant to indulge in the present moment we’re gifted through the act of receiving it with our senses.” 

And being present for pleasure can mean so much—like when you’re relishing in your own touch down there, or even savoring a bite of delicious cacio pepe. “Pleasure also makes us extremely magnetic, because pleasure is usually the vibration of what we’re trying to call in,” Jordan says. 

“Think about it: How would you feel if you were given exactly what you want right now? The dream home. The loving partner. The well-earned success. The financial abundance,” Jordan asks. A lot of the feelings you would feel could ultimately be boiled down to, yup, pleasure.

So, are you curious as to how you can actively use pleasure to manifest? Jordan recommends the following… 

Tune In To Pleasure

Use moments when you’re already experiencing pleasure (like during or after sex) to think about what you’d like to manifest. Set the intention and send it to the universe, tapping into the feeling of pleasure as you do so. (Pro tip: If you’re masturbating, you can even think about manifesting your dream partner…) 

Get Descriptive

Journal as if you are your future self, as if your sexual manifestation came true. Allow yourself to get really excited and experience how you’d feel if it was transpiring. For example: Describe yourself and how you’d feel with your dream partner, what dates would go on, the kind of sex you’d have, the life you’d build—all the juicy details. 

Gratitude Is Great

Take some time to truly sit in and feel gratitude for what you currently have. (Like love, abundance, etc.) Think of what you’re grateful for until the feeling of gratitude is strong within you, and you can also thank the universe, because you know that it's going to help you manifest your dreams at the perfect time. Want to include your partner, too? Together, commit to saying one thing you’re grateful for each night. Trust: It’ll bring you closer. 

Want to learn more about the importance of pleasure, how to release shame around sexual wellness, confidence building, and more? 

Listen Jordan and I chat on The Magical Human Experience today!

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