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How To Know If Your Summer Fling Is Serious

How To Know If Your Summer Fling Is Serious

So you’ve been hanging out with a certain someone all season long… How do you know if your summer fling is meant to last? 

“Many successful long-term relationships have started as summer flings,” says sex and relationship counselor Dr. Martha Tara Lee.  It requires an investment of time, effort, and emotional intimacy—but it’s usually worth it in the end. 

TBH, it can feel a lil’ overwhelming thinking about making your summer romance more serious. (Cuffing season is around the corner…) That’s why we’re making it easier for you! 

Below, you’ll find all the signs that your hot and sweaty situationship is destined for the crisp fall season 🍂 , per Lee. 

First, some signs you’re ready for more…

Emotional Intimacy 💞

If you feel a sense of closeness, deep communication, and vulnerability with your partner (like, are you comfortable telling them all your embarrassing childhood secrets?), it might be a sign that this relationship has potential to be more meaningful. 

Shared Values! 👩🏼‍🤝‍👨🏽

Think: Are you on the same page? Do you share the same common values, goals, and interests—beyond the physical attraction! 

Consistency Is 🔑

If your fling constantly shows up for you and invests time and effort into the relationship, it indicates their commitment. Picture it: Do they text you if you have a long day at work? Are they making you dinner after a stressful meeting?

See The Future?

If you both start discussing future plans together, such as upcoming events or trips, it suggests that you see each other as part of your long-term lives…! 

If it’s looking like your summer fling is ~more~, here’s what you should do… 

Communicate your feelings!

Express your desires and intentions to your partner openly and honestly. Discuss where you see the relationship going and gauge their feelings as well. Like, do they see things lasting beyond the summer months? What would they want your relationship to look like if so?

Take things slooow

No matter how excited you are, don’t rush this! Gradually increase the level of commitment and emotional investment in the relationship *over time*. Allow things to naturally progress, plan, and integrate into each other’s lives. Remember: Building a strong foundation takes time, so just focus on fostering a deeper connection.

Don’t forget it: You’re unique! ⭐

It's important to remember that every relationship is unique, and there is no universal formula for determining if a summer fling will turn into something more serious. If you want more advice, consider seeking out a qualified sexologist or relationship therapist!

I can’t wait to see whether your summer fling turns into a full-on relationship! You’ve got this.

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