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How To Have Sex When You’re Sharing A Vacation Home

How To Have Sex When You’re Sharing A Vacation Home

One of my favorite parts of summer? Going on weekend getaways with friends! 

I especially love doing trips alongside my fiancé with other couples, where we take fun excursions like renting a beach house all together out east or lil’ woodsy, upstate cabin retreat. 

That said, IDK about you, but my sex drive doesn’t dissipate just because I’m with friends! In fact, because vacation makes me so relaxed, sometimes I even feel more aroused than normal. 

But it’s tricky! Unlike when I’m on vacation alone with my partner, being in a shared space makes navigating sex a bit more difficult. Getting caught in the act is most people’s worst nightmare, after all!

If you feel the same way, don’t worry. Here’s what experts say you should do if you want privacy for intimacy, but you’re sharing a vacation home with friends. 

Make This A Game 🎲

Don’t want to get caught? Great. “Trying not to get noticed or be heard by others can be a turn on for some people,” explains Leigh Norén, a sex and relationship therapist. So, try turning your intimate moments into a bit of a sexual game, seeing who can be quieter during sex, Norén says. (Obviously, the goal is to get your partner going so much that they can’t hold in their moans. 😉) 

Sneak Out For Sex 👀

One of the best ways to sneak sex into your shared vacation? Do it while the other house guests are sleeping. “This might mean setting a timer for the middle of the night to get up… Or even waking up super early to get it on,” explains Nicole Moore, a sex and relationship expert. You might be a little more tired than normal during the day from the missed sleep, but it’ll be worth it. 

Get Loud! 🔊

“If your other house guests are playing loud music or tv, that's also a great time to have sex with your partner,” Moore says. So take it as your cue to slip away! Why? “People are likely to be distracted, not even notice that you're gone and they won't hear you when you do have sex,” Moore explains.

Go Be At One With Nature 🌱

“If all else fails, and you're more on the exhibitionist side than the shy side, try finding a secluded spot outside or maybe even try doing it in the ocean,” Moore says. Without breaking any laws of course, adds Norén. It’s not worth the risk!  

Try Doing “Bites Of Sex”

Feeling too self-conscious about being seen? “Consider how you can be sexual with your partner, but not necessarily have sex,” Norén says. Trust: At times, this can be just as hot as the sex itself! “Think of it like taking ‘bites of sex’ where you might indulge in something like petting over clothes, or making out, without going further,” explains Norén. It’ll help you get a dose of sexual satisfaction or closeness without requiring the full-on vulnerability of being caught. 

Have any other ideas? Let us know! And be sure to keep us updated on how you incorporate sex with your S.O. into your next group vacay 💜.

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