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How To Get Intimate On A Group Vacation

How To Get Intimate On A Group Vacation

Spring break season is around the corner. You know what that means? Vacations, of course, most of which occur alongside groups of friends and family members. 

And if you and your partner have ever gone on a group trip, you know that the social dynamic can change what your sex life looks like on vacation. Truth is: “it can either increase in frequency or not happen at all,” explains sex and relationship therapist Kendra Capalbo. 

Some people feel turned on because it’s “taboo” to have sex while so many other people are in the same hotel, Airbnb, house, etc. Others may not feel comfortable having sex with the risk of someone else hearing, Capalbo says. It depends on the people involved, TBH. 

But if you want to prioritize your sex life no matter the outsider situation, keep reading. The following is how to approach sex during a group vacay, per a sex and relationships expert. 

Discuss if you’re DTF… 

Before you go on your group vacation, talk with your partner about whether or not you’ll be down to do it, Capalbo says. If you’re both up for it, it’ll set the idea in motion before you go and will put ~thoughts of sex~ top of mind. Trust: the anticipation is sure to spice things up, Capalbo says. 

Assess the sleeping sitch

“Depending on the sleeping arrangements, sex on a group trip has the potential to be intensified, or if it can’t happen at all due to lack of privacy,” Capalbo explains. If you have your own room, use the entire day as foreplay before you retreat to your space for steamy sex. If you’re bunked with others, you can treat the trip as a build up for once you get home.

Start sexting, stat!

Once you’re on your vacation, get your phone out and be ready to text your bae while in group settings. “Texting is a good way to communicate because no one else can hear that conversation,” Capalbo says. So go ahead, tell your partner what you want to do with them in the bedroom tonight or tell them you want to steal away for a quickie by the beach. 

Be subtle!

“I love the idea of subtle touch as a way of communicating sexual desire,” Capalbo says. For example: Try a hand on the back that lasts a second too long, or a quick kiss, or a hand a little too high on the thigh when sitting next to each other in a group dinner. “The aspect of others, potentially noticing, can intensify the eroticism,” Capalbo explains. Very true!

Okay, I think you’re all ready for your steamy vacation sex—even if you’re with a group. Enjoy 😙.



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