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How Beia Is An AAPI-Inspired Brand

How Beia Is An AAPI-Inspired Brand

Welcome to the first day of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month! As an AAPI-owned brand, we’re beyond excited to be celebrating with you. In truth, being half-Chinese has played a major role in my entrepreneurial journey—it’s motivated me to start both of my businesses! 

Honestly, there are so many important ways that Beia is AAPI-inspired. Here’s what you should know, so you can support us this month! (And every month in-between!) 

I Had To Learn To Love My Looks

I grew up loving to play around with makeup. But the makeup artists at our local beauty counter often couldn’t cater to features and make the popular beauty looks they liked work for me, specifically. 

So I Built My Own Diverse Team

Because I often felt like I wasn’t seen in beauty spaces as a young girl, I decided to start Beautini, assembling my own team of skilled makeup artists who could make customers comfortable and work with the features of people from all backgrounds. I wanted to empower others to feel confident in their own skin! 

From There, I Found Another Community To Serve

Through starting my own business, I learned from talking with all of my Beautini clients that there were still other ways they wanted to experience empowerment: they wanted to build sensual confidence in the bedroom and beyond! Thus, Beia began. 

Beia Stems From A Mandarin Phrase 

In case you didn’t know, Beia is inspired by the word “bao bei” in Mandarin, which translates to “treasure,” “baby,” or “darling.” This felt right for the company’s namesake, as I truly want people to find ways that they can hone their sensual confidence and feel treasured through our products and resources. 

We’re All About Chinese-Inspired Ingredients 

Yep: From our Body & Intimacy Serum to our Bikini & Body Scrub, we use Green Tea in all of our products. Why? It’s a nourishing and calming antioxidant that’s rooted in Chinese tradition, and it’s important that I include a piece of my heritage in what I bring to Beia. 

Well, that’s all from us for now 💜. We hope we’ve inspired you to support AAPI-owned brands this month and that you learned a little bit more about what makes Beia so special. See you next week!

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