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Differences Between Lube, Arousal Oil, and Intimacy Serum

Differences Between Lube, Arousal Oil, and Intimacy Serum

TBH, there are all kinds of products out there that can amp up your sex life nowadays. From innovative new vibrators that bring you all the ~pleasure~ to BDSM toys that help you explore your personal kinks, the sexual wellness industry has brought a lot to the table in terms of making you feel, well, good during intimacy.

That said, there’s one kind of sexual wellness item in particular that’s making its rounds and becoming an increasingly important part of people’s sexual repertoire: intimacy serum—a multi-purpose formula that serves all kinds of uses, including (but not limited to!) intimate body massage, personal lubricant, arousal oil, and more. 

While you’re probably pretty eager to learn more about intimacy serum and all the ways that you can incorporate it into your bedroom routine, you’re also probably wondering this: how is intimacy serum different from normal lube? And what are the key differences between arousal oil, lube, and intimacy serum in general? In short, these are all great questions, but the truth is they are all pretty similar with slight differences depending on the brand and product purpose. 

However, not all intimacy serums are made equal—and it helps to know what makes them different from other sexual wellness products available out there. The following is everything you need to know about the key differences between lube, arousal oil, and intimacy serum, including the pros and cons to using each kind of product. 


First, There’s Personal Lubricant (AKA, Lube!)

For starters you’re probably wondering about the most common kind of sexual wellness formula out there: personal lubricant, otherwise known as lube. Available in pharmacies, grocery stores, and corner stores alike, lube is the most well-known form of body product for the bedroom. 

The purpose of lube, you ask? For those who are unfamiliar, it’s pretty simple: lube is meant to be used inside of the body, and it’s typically a water, oil, or silicone-based formula that helps reduce friction during sex and thus makes it less painful for those involved. (Because ICYDK, friction can cause irritation, tears, and bleeding during penetration and the like.) (Not fun.) 

You should also know: Lubes aren’t just for partnered sex. They can also be used during masturbation to reduce the friction and make it easy to ~pet your flower~ with your hands or favorite sex toys. (Win.) 

Next, There’s ~Arousal Oil~. 

Overall, arousal oil can be a big player when it comes to upping your intimacy game during partnered sex or masturbation. Why? Arousal oils are used during foreplay on the outside of your vulva and clitoris to help you get wet. This means that you’re *not* supposed to use them internally but rather externally, as they’ll help you get in the mood but aren’t necessarily safe for insertion. 

And while most arousal oils are designed with using them on your vulva in mind, they can also be used on your entire body for massage purposes during or before sex. For example, maybe you and your partner want to get in the mood by doing a little sexy massage before you get to work, yah know?

All in all, an arousal oil will basically act as your own personal aphrodisiac using natural ingredients to boost your circulation and get you hot and bothered. That said, they’re usually built for using on your skin alone, and not all are safe for using with your sex toys or even with condoms, so be sure you check the label first to ensure that you’re using them safely and as intended by the sexual wellness manufacturer, K?

Intimacy Serum For The Win, Baby. 

Now, onto intimacy serum, which is kind of like a mix between both arousal oil and lubricant. You can use it all over your body to increase your overall ~sexual buildup~ and it’s safe for insertion, too. Depending on the brand, it can also be safe to use with vibrators, condoms, and the like, so you’ll both reap the benefits of increased sexual arousal while also making any penetration or masturbation friction-free. (Which will only lead you to feeling your very best in the bedroom and beyond.) 

Beia Beauty Intimacy Serum Being Held By Woman

Choosing An Arousal Oil Or Lube For Sex

How Do I Choose The Right Lubricant?

If you’re not sure which lube to use, in most cases your best bet is a water-based lube, explains Rachel Worthington, sex expert and educator at Bedbible. Water-based lubricants won’t erode the surface of your sex toys, are typically more gentle on the skin, and can be easily reapplied if need be. 

Silicone lubes, on the other hand, can last longer and feel thicker and silkier, Worthington says. “But, they will wreak havoc on any silicone sex toys you’re using, damaging the surface of the material and leaving it tacky and unsanitary. They’re also prone to staining sheets, clothes, and even furniture and hardwood floors,” Worthington explains. (Which you definitely don’t want!) 

Glycerin-based lubesIt might be smart to stay away from lubes that contain glycerin, which are usually lubes with flavor or scent. “This is a sugar alcohol that’s an incredibly common ingredient in lube, but there have been some studies that have found a link between glycerin and an increased risk of vaginal infections,” Worthington says. 

Ways To Use An Intimacy Serum

How To Use Lube And What It's For, Exactly  

A reminder: Lube makes sex more comfortable by reducing friction (AKA that hot, sticky, rubbing feeling) on the skin, explains Mayla Green, sex coach and expert at The Adult Toy Shop. Think about it: if you’re someone with vulva, it physically hurts to put a penis, finger, or sex toy in or near your sexual organs without *some* kind of wetness to ease the insertion process. 

With lube, “the added layer of slickness provides a smooth glide that feels more comfortable,” Green explains. And yup, lubricant also “prevents pulled pubic hairs and protects the delicate folds of the labia during intercourse by preventing them from getting pulled in towards the vagina, which can easily happen during dry sex,” Green says. 

How To Use Lube Effectively

For starters, you can effectively use lube by spreading it not only on the vaginal opening, but also around the labia and the tip and top half of your partner’s penis (if they have one), Green says. Basically, the more generous you are with your lube, the better. 

And a pro tip if you use a water-based lube: Wet your fingers first! Then pour a good dollop of your water-based lubricant of choice on them, Green says. This makes the lubricant last just a bit longer than normal and adds a more wet feel to your experience. (Which, trust, feels good!) 

How Much Lube Should You Use?

Again: The best way to apply lube is to be generous with it! “Wetter is better,” Green says. This goes for any kind of lube that you’re using. And remember, “if you’re using a water-based lube, by combining some water with the lube, it makes it last longer by adding more hydration and prevents it from drying out (evaporating) too fast,” Green says. 

That said, common silicone-based lubes do not benefit from this extra hydration tip. “Silicone based molecules will not absorb into the skin, nor will they evaporate,” Green says. This means that the only downside to using silicone lube during sex (while it usually lasts longer on its own) is that you'll need to wash it off with soap and water once you’ve finished. The only way to break down the bond of the silicone molecules is to use soap, Green explains, otherwise you’ll feel it on your skin no matter how much you’ve used.

How Often Should You Replace Lube?

Technically you could use your personal lubricant for up to three years, according to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). But why would you risk it? Bottom line: You can use your lube for a while, but if you have one that’s been long-forgotten and you go to use it in the heat of the moment, it definitely wouldn’t hurt to check out the expiration date before you dive in. 

And Yep, Here’s what Makes Our Intimacy Serum *The Best*

Let’s be clear, at Beia, we’re a bit partial to all the benefits that incorporating intimacy serum specifically into your routine can provide. Why? We know what it takes to make all the good stuff, and we’ve basically developed a skin-safe, body-safe, sex-safe formula that will help you experience your best pleasure yet in the bedroom and beyond like no other. (Trust us.) 

For example, Beia’s Body & Intimacy Serum was formulated for all-purpose pleasure that you can use anywhere on your body. (Literally.) It’s a sexual wellness product that also acts as skincare, too, since it contains nourishing, sustainably-sourced ingredients like Squalane, Coconut, and Aloe Vera that naturally rejuvenate the skin as you use it. 

Plus, with sleek, eco-conscious packaging, this product will look so d*mn good on your nightstand snuggled next to your current paperback reads and trendy table lamp. 


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