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Fool-Proof Guide to Choosing the Best Feminine Intimacy Wipe

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Caring for your intimate areas can be straight-up confusing. Think about it this way: sometimes you wash with plain water and it’s not enough to rinse away annoying odors or clear up pesky ingrowns. Or your trusty bar of soap leaves your downstairs irritated as h*ck. Or maybe you do a quick post-workout cleanse with a fragrance-heavy wet wipe and, yup, you’re burning. 

That said, not *all* ways to wash down there should leave you in pain—especially when it comes to products like feminine intimacy wipes. There are brands out there (*cough* like Beia! *cough*) that design wipes with the chemical and biological makeup of your genitals top of mind. 

This way, you can experience the use of intimate wipes that do it all: cleansing, freshening, and healing painful bumps or redness. (And some of them are even great for carrying on-the-go.) The following is everything you need to know about using feminine intimacy wipes, according to sexual health and skincare experts.  

Remind Me: What Are Feminine Wipes Actually Used For?

Let's get this straight prior to jumping into all the wipe-related deets. Feminine wipes are for cleansing your downstairs when you’re feeling like you need a refresh—even if you don’t have a full-on shower at your disposal. For example, maybe you need to…. 

  • Beat the anxiety sweats:

    Stash them in your tote as you head to make a killer presentation at an important work event. 
  • Do a mid-flight cleanup:

    Sneak them into your carry-on for freshening up mid-flight in the privacy of an airplane bathroom, lol. 
  • Make a quick exit post-workout:

    Pop them in your gym bag to wipe off salty post-sweat residue and feel clean, sans shower. 
  • Be prepared for anything intimate:

    Tuck them into your coat pocket during dates so that you're ready for any ~possible intimacy~ and confident that you’re stink or sweat free. 

That said, these are all just suggestions when it comes to what feminine wipes are used for. You can use them in any way that works for you and your vagina, as long as you follow proper health and safety guidelines.

But First: Here’s How to Use Feminine Wipes. 

Before we get into the details about choosing a feminine intimacy wipe, it’s important that you note how to properly use one, first. Here’s what you should know…

  • Always wipe front to back:

    If you haven’t learned this by now, listen up. Using a feminine wipe is similar to toilet paper. To avoid infection or spreading harmful bacteria around your vulva, always be sure to wipe front to back!
  • Never insert! Only wipe:

    Products like douches can disrupt the pH balance of your vagaina and cause infections—so don’t use wipes like one. Never put feminine wipes up your uterus and vaginal canal. It’s not safe! These are for external uses, only. 
  • Cleansing isn’t a requirement:

    It’s important to remember that your vagina is a *self-cleaning* body part, so you don’t technically need to use anything but water to keep your vagina healthy. It’s always better to just shower or rinse rather than add external products, if you can help it. 
  • When a shower isn’t an option:

    That said, sometimes you’re just in too much of a rush to rinse off. That’s where a wipe is your best option—but be sure you’re choosing one that’s body safe by being free of parabens, alcohols, and the like.

Now that you’re up-to-date on how to *actually use* a feminine intimacy wipe, you’re probably curious about how to best decide what kind of wipe works for you. Read on for answers….

Your Guide to Choosing a Feminine Intimacy Wipe That’s Best for Women

For starters, when you’re going about choosing an intimacy wipe you want to make sure that you’re not picking just a “general” wet wipe, but rather one that’s designed specifically for the vagina. This will ensure that you’re getting the safest wipe for you, rather than one with formula mess with your precious pH. 

So, yup, this means that the most important thing to look for when choosing a feminine wipe is that ingredient list. Here’s what to look for and how it’ll impact your skin, according to Dr. Miriam Gonzalez, MD, a dermatologist based in Baltimore. 

  • Aloe Vera:

    If you’re looking for ways to soothe redness and inflammation downstairs, aloe vera should be your go-to. It’ll basically just help our skin to calm TF down without causing further irritation. 
  • Tea Tree Oil: 

    This ingredient is key when it comes to caring for damaged skin or leveling out pesky ingrown bumps. It works to fight skin damage at a cellular level–which also prevents aging, and contains moisturizing properties that can be ideal for relieving dryness.
  • Hyaluronic Acid:

    For a more rejuvenated feel, try using wipes that contain hyaluronic acidIt moisturizes and brings volume to the skin since it absorbs water.

Okay—now that you know what ingredients to look for in a feminine wipe, it’s time to mention the ingredients that should *absolutely not* be in your product, according to Dr. Janet Brito, PhD, founder of the Hawaii Center for Sexual and Relationship Health. 

  • Glycerin:

    First up, it’s glycerin—AKA, a sugar alcohol and that can cause yeast overgrowth. (Which, FYI, can unbalance your vagina’s pH, causing odorous and itchy yeast infections.) 
  • Petroleum:

    Unfortunately for you (and our environment) there is petroleum in a lot of beauty products—and it’s certainly not good for you or the planet. The ingredient can be a breeding ground for bacteria, and it’s linked to bacterial vaginosis. (Which has symptoms like itchiness, abnormal discharge, and odor.  
  • Parabens:

    These are most commonly used as preservatives. But while it’s great for stopping the growth of harmful bacteria or mold in your products, they also can disrupt your hormones and cause painful skin irritation. Better to stay away.

Follow these suggestions and you should be safe when  it comes to picking not just a wipe, but a specifically-designed feminine intimacy wipe that works for you. Need some inspiration for your purchase? There is one that’s top of mind… 

Add This Vagina-Safe Wipe to Your Shopping Cart 

When in doubt about the ingredients in vaginal wipes, try giving Beia’s Refresh Wipes a shot instead since they’re formulated with safe, ph-balanced, fragrance-free, and non-comedogenic ingredients. (All of which pass the test on the list above!) 

Trust: Refresh Wipes are perfect for making you feel clean and comfortable—even when you’re playing dirty. 

How to Use Beia's Refresh Wipes

Open an individual packet, remove the biodegradable wipe and gently wipe on body and face.

Use a wipe during travel or before and after the gym, waxing, or sex for a quick whole-body refresh to gently remove odors and sweat.




  • What are feminine wipes and why should I use them?
  • Feminine wipes are specially designed wipes for personal hygiene in the intimate area. They offer a convenient and gentle way to stay fresh and clean throughout the day, particularly during menstruation or after using the restroom.

  • Are feminine wipes safe to use?
  • Yes, most feminine wipes are formulated to be safe for use in the intimate area. It's important to choose wipes that are free from harsh chemicals, fragrances, and irritants. Dermatologically tested and pH-balanced wipes are generally considered safe.

  • How do I properly use a feminine intimacy wipe?
  • Gently wipe from front to back, ensuring thorough cleansing without excessive pressure. Avoid using the same wipe for multiple areas to prevent cross-contamination.

  • What are some common scenarios where feminine wipes can come in handy?
  • Feminine wipes are useful for maintaining freshness during periods, after using the restroom, after workouts, while traveling, or whenever a quick cleansing is desired.

  • What are the ingredients I should look for in a feminine wipe?
  • Look for wipes with water-based solutions, aloe vera, chamomile, and natural extracts. Avoid wipes with parabens, sulfates, and synthetic fragrances.

  • Are there ingredients I should avoid when choosing a feminine wipe?
  • Avoid wipes containing alcohol, dyes, fragrances, and harsh chemicals. These can disrupt the natural pH balance and cause irritation.

  • Can I use regular wet wipes instead of feminine wipes?
  • Regular wet wipes might not be suitable for intimate use as they might contain ingredients that could irritate sensitive areas. It's best to use wipes specifically formulated for feminine hygiene.

  • What is the importance of maintaining the pH balance in intimate areas?
  • The intimate area has a delicate pH balance that helps protect against infections. Using pH-balanced products, like feminine wipes, helps maintain this balance and reduces the risk of irritation and infections.

  • Can I use feminine wipes if I have sensitive skin?
  • Yes, you can use feminine wipes if you have sensitive skin. Opt for wipes labeled as hypoallergenic, free from irritants, and dermatologically tested.

  • How often can I use feminine intimacy wipes?
  • You can use feminine wipes as needed throughout the day. However, excessive use might disrupt the natural balance, so moderation is key.

  • Why do I need to wipe from front to back when using feminine wipes?
  • Wiping from front to back helps prevent bacteria from the anal area from coming into contact with the urethra and vagina, reducing the risk of infections.

  • Can I use feminine wipes during my period?
  • Yes, feminine wipes can be especially useful during your period to maintain freshness and cleanliness. However, choose unscented and gentle wipes to avoid irritation.

  • How do I store my feminine wipes for maximum shelf-life?
  • Store your feminine wipes in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight. Seal the packaging tightly after each use to prevent drying out.

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